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We clean carpets for residential and commercial clients in Wheeling and surrounding areas using hot water extraction and “green steam”:

✓Cleans embedded dirt & allergens

✓Prolongs carpet life


✓Improves appearance

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Our carpet cleaners work with residential and commercial clients in the greater Chicago area:

  • homeowners – house and apartment carpet cleaning
  • renters
  • property managers
  • restaurants
  • hotels and motels
  • municipal buildings
  • schools and daycare centers

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Our Cleaning Services

Hot water extraction services

Carpet Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Stain Treatment

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

We offer residential and commercial carpet cleaning for our customers. Cleaning your carpets regulary is very important because the dirt, dust, allergens and stains get removed, and you also prolong the life of your carpet when you clean it regularly.

clean dirt from carpet

We remove dirt & allergens from carpet.

remove carpet odors

Free carpet deodorizer included with carpet cleaning.

carpet pre-spray loosens dirt

Powerful cleaning solution loosens dirt, attacks odors and pre-treats stains.

carpet cleaning hot water extraction

Hot water extraction removes residue from the carpet

fast carpet drying times

Drying times are very fast

carpet cleaning truckmount

We use powerful truckmounts that are more effective than portable carpet cleaners

affordable carpet cleaning service

Affordable and fast, our prices are almost half of some of the other carpet cleaning companies.

clean and soft carpet

Prolong the life and softness of your carpet fibers.

Stain Removal

He showed up right on time. Got many nasty spots out of our old wall to wall carpet and did it quickly with no fuss and for less money than others. I’d highly recommend this service.

– Robert B.

Carpet Cleaning

I’m very impressed with the quality of services and quick response. Professional and accessible. I appreciate the communication, flexibility and the reasonable rates. I highly recommend Green Steam Carpet Care.

– Petru A

Incredible results

After searching on Google for carpet cleaners near me, I found Green Steam Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning. They answered my call right away, were courteous and explained their commercial carpet cleaning process in detail. [..]
Lucian M


FOR 3 Rooms

Regular steam carpet cleaning for rooms up to to 250 sq ft, located in out service area. Additional charges might apply if extensive cleaning is required.

✅ Hot Water Extraction

✅ Stain Treatment

✅ Free Deodorizer


FAQ about our Carpet Cleaning Services in Wheeling, IL

Why Should I Look For Carpet Cleaning Near Me?

By employing local carpet cleaners you ensure less commuting times, no double booking and higher quality work as local companies care more about their own community. All this translates in better quality for less money.

How Does Steam Carpet Cleaning Work?

Carpet steam cleaning, as offered by professional carpet cleaning companies, is more accurately called hot water extraction. The steam is a result of a temperature difference between the hot water jets and the surrounding environment. Carpet steam cleaning services use specialized wands connected to a portable or truck-mounted machine. The wand uses pressurized hot water jets to clean and rinse the carpet. The wand is also connected to a powerful vacuum system and has an area that comes behind the hot water jets and “extracts” most of the water and chemicals used, if any.

Commercial steam carpet cleaning works on the same principle. It is the most thorough process for cleaning high traffic and soiled commercial carpet. Based on the type of carpet, soil level and location requirements, slightly higher pH chemicals might be used and even more effort put into leaving the carpet as dry as possible.

How Long Does The Carpet Take To Dry?

Usually the carpet is a bit damp after cleaning and it dries in a few hours, up to 24 hours.

These are some of the factors that affect drying times after cleaning:

  • air circulation – open the windows (weather permitting), use a room fan and turn on the air conditioning or heat
  • type of carpet
  • soil level. Heavily soiled areas might require extensive cleaning. We advise to focus on these first, using a room fan when possible

Do I Need To Move The Furniture?

It depends. Usually areas under big pieces of furniture, such as a dresser are not that dirty as they do not get a lot of foot traffic. Moreover, if you get these areas cleaned, you will generally have to wait until the carpet is dry before replacing the furniture.

Our carpet cleaners only move small pieces of furniture when necessary, such as chairs and coffee tables as long as they do not have anything else on top of them and they are in sound condition. For these pieces of furniture we also use plasting tabs or foam pads that we place under the furniture legs to prevent rust/stains transfering to the carpet before it dries.

We always exercise caution. All furniture moving is done at your own risk due to the varied condition of furniture, in general. You will also be responsible for replacing any moved furniture that does not get put back in place. Please be careful when moving furniture, we are not liable for any accidents, damage or health issues caused by you moving said furniture.

The #1 Carpet Cleaning Company in Wheeling, Illinois

Green Steam Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning is located in Wheeling, Illinois, 60090. From O’Hare International Airport (ORD) head southwest on I-190 W and take the Bessie Coleman Dr exit toward Airport Terminal 5/A.R.F.F. Staging Area D. Turn right onto Bessie Coleman Dr and use the right lane to merge onto I-190 E via the ramp to Airport Terminal 5/I-90/I-294/Chicago. Take I-294 N to Willow Rd in Glenview. Take exit 48 from I-294 N and merge onto I-190 E. Take the exit on the left toward I-294 N and keep right at the fork to continue on Exit 1C, follow signs for Milwaukee/Tollway/I-294 N and merge onto I-294 N. Take exit 48 turning left onto Willow Rd (signs for Wheeling/Prospect Hgts) and continue onto W Palatine Rd. Take the exit toward Wheeling Road and merge onto E Palatine Rd. Turn right onto Wheeling Rd and right onto W Dundee Rd to reach the center of Wheeling.

We are open 07:30 – 19:00 Monday to Saturday.

For additional information you can call us on (312) 682-9213 or find us on Yelp. Proudly recommending the Loca Ratings review management software.

Why Should I Hire Your Carpet Cleaning Company?

We offer a complete range of carpet cleaning services. This means that pre-spray, stain treatment and regular deodorizer is included.

Some carpet cleaning companies might charge a lower rate, but that is just for how water extraction, more often than not. Everything else, from chemicals to stain treatment and deodorizer is extra. In some cases, when the final bill is handed to you you will pay double or more of our carpet cleaning cost.

We are also very thorough, courteous and our cleaners are professionals that you can literally trust with your house keys.

How Can I Get An Emergency Cleaning?

The sooner you clean heavily soiled carpet, the better and the higher chance you have of restoring it. To get emergency carpet cleaning, you need to make sure you contact a company that is trained and equipped to handle your needs:

  • large area spills of possible contaminants, such as blood, might require a bio-hazard clean-up company
  • water damage restoration will probably require both water extraction from the carpet and specialized treatment that will minimize the chance of developing mold if the walls, baseboard, furniture, etc get wet
  • emergency carpet cleaning cost is also a deciding factor. In some cases, it might be cheaper to replace the carpet than to try to clean it

That being said, some common stains such as pet stains, food stains, small paint stains, crayon stains, coffe stains, etc can be cleaned, saving the carpet and greatly reducing the costs versus carpet installation.

To start with an emergency carpet cleaning quote, please give us a call or fill the form on our website.