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Of all the chores one has to do to keep the home sparkling clean, carpet cleaning ranks as one of the least favorite. It’s tedious, especially when dealing with stains, takes forever to dry and the carpet is difficult to maintain. Inappropriate cleaning materials and agents contribute to the challenges of adequately cleaning a carpet by yourself. However, you can avoid these problems by hiring a professional to clean your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning is worth every penny as it affords you time to do other chores and the cost is low versus buying the cleaning equipment and solutions yourself. Your carpet will also be cleaner and last longer as professionals will use the right cleaning materials.

In this article, you’ll see why you should clean your carpet professionally. You’ll also know how often you’re supposed to clean your carpet – yourself and professionally, the cost of cleaning your carpet professionally, and more.

Why Should You Clean Your Carpet Professionally?

Cleaning your carpet daily makes it appear as though it’s in a perfectly fresh condition. However, the fibers will most likely have some more dust, grease, hair, and other materials trapped in them. You can remove these materials from your carpet by deep-cleaning them. Although you can achieve decent cleaning to an extent, you’ll have better results when it is handled by a professional carpet cleaner. Cleaning your carpet professionally isn’t cheap, but you stand to gain these benefits when you do so.

DYI carpet cleaning might actually damage your carpet if the wrong chemicals are used and the dirty spots get bleached. Also, the chemicals used will stay in the carpet if they are not properly extracted, creating sticky areas that attract dirt and might be harmful to the skin.

Thorough and Deep Cleaning

Your carpet can use periodical professional cleaning to remove stains and dirty materials that are stuck in them. Vacuums will only remove the surface materials, making your carpet’s surface cleaner than it was previously. However, steam-washing and deep-cleaning, done by professionals, will give your carpet a thorough and deeper cleaning than when you vacuum or scrub it.

The process begins with vacuuming, as you’ll normally do, but the next step involves spraying a cleaning solution that stays in the carpet fabrics for some minutes. Note that the cleaning solution professionals use have proven to be effective over time. A specialized wand then extracts the soil and other dirty materials from the carpet, along with the soap, leaving the carpet clean from the surface to the depths of its fabric. The carpet cleaners will also extract moisture from the carpet, and give your carpet a good finish with a carpet grooming rake (optional).

Long-lasting Carpet

Your carpet is one of the largest air filters in your home. Therefore, you can expect it to get imbibed with a lot of dirt, including allergens, dust and grease, all of which reduces the quality and durability of your carpet, when not cleaned promptly and properly.

Professional carpet cleaners ensure that your carpet lasts for as long as the manufacturer proposes by periodically removing the soil that causes their quality to deteriorate faster. Their choice of cleaning agents and techniques influence how well the carpet is cleaned and how long it lasts, overall.

See more benefits of regular carpet cleaning.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost

Considering the difficulty in cleaning a carpet, it is much easier to hire a professional carpet cleaner to do the task than to do it yourself. Also, because they’ll do it better than you, the cost of hiring one should justify the quality of work they’ll do.

On average, with a standard carpet, a professional cleaning will cost between $135 and $350. However, the bigger the carpet, the higher the number of rooms, the more the cleaning cost increases. Also, the dirtier it is, such as pet stains, the more it’s cleaning may cost. Another deciding factor is what your carpet is made of – natural fibers such as wool are harder to clean and therefore cost more.

Considering the costs of purchasing a carpet cleaning solution, the time spent vacuuming and drying the carpet, using water for washing, and the know-how applied to give the thoroughly clean results, the cost of professionally cleaning a carpet is justified and well worth it.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet Professionally?

According to many carpet manufacturers, you should give your carpet a thorough washing at least once in twelve months. However, some manufacturers recommend a thorough washing every six months. Due to the diverse recommendations from different manufacturers, carpet cleaning professionals recommend deep-cleaning your carpet once every twelve months. Commercial carpet that gets a lot of traffic should be cleaned more often, with some areas such as in restaurants requiring cleaning as often as a couple of times per months

Factors That Influence the Frequency of Washing your Carpet

Deep-cleaning your carpet once every twelve months seems sufficient to help maintain its cleanliness and quality. However, you may have to clean it more than once in twelve months if:

  • You or anyone else smokes in the house.
  • Your carpet is in the kitchen or bathroom where they are exposed to grease stain or dampness.
  • There’s high foot traffic in the area where your carpet is.
  • The carpet is in a commercial setting, such as apartment buildings, motels, offices, hallways, stairwells, etc.


Professional carpet cleaning is well worth it and it is advisable to be done at least every twelve months, with the exceptions noted above. Your carpets will be deep-cleaned, leaving them cleaner than they’ll be if you washed them, and helping them last longer.